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mamequest's Journal

One man's quest through MAME
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If you do not know what MAME is wikipedia has a very good definition at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAME.

According to the version released on September 19th 2006 there were 3356 unique games supported by MAME, some 6253 rom sets total (that ofcourse is including duplicates). What my goal is is to play through all of them. The parameters set are as follows:
1. Complete the game if it is possible – this is by finishing the actual “story mode” and defeating a final boss.
2. If task one is impossible, obtain the highest score.
3. If there is a technical difficultly, ie trackball is not being recognized, move on and come back after updating MAME or tinkering.
Sure it sounds like anyone can do it, and they can, it just takes a certain breed of crazy to actually go through with it. The goal is for every post to be a mini review of the game played and a write up of technical information and what not. Some games will get more limelight than others, lost treasures or just obscure games, other than that Ill try to be as open minded as I can in dealing with each game.

Epox Evo 530 case/motherboard
Athlon XP2800+
Crucial 1 gig of DDR PC3200 Latency of 2.5
60 gig 7200 RPM IBM harddrive
PNY Geforce FX5700 128 meg AGP 4x - Meaning the more advanced 3d games will not be played on this machine, they will be played on a more up to date one.
Logitech PS2 controller keyboard
Logitech Marble Mouse Trackball
Logitech Wheel Mouse
Logitech Flightstick 3d
Thrustmaster F16 Flightstick
Hotrod SE Arcade layout
Custom single player 8 way arcade layout
Both Arcade stick layouts use Happs Competition 8way joysticks and Competition Vertical switch buttons. Sadly both use keyboard encoders - I do plan on making two more two player setups using Ultramarc's Ipac USB convertors, mainly for Bomberman and Xmen 6player, but that will not be any time soon.

Updates will be sporadic at best. This information will be updated with other pertinent information in the future. If you have a question it would probably be easier just to email than to post, odds are I will not see your post within due time.

I should also note that I do not plan on advertising this at all, it is simply a log of my journey. I have many friends around the world that have egged me on to this, or simply given support, so I expect them to atleast glance at it.

And since it was asked, my favorite arcade games:
Baku Baku, Die Hard Arcade, Super Street Fighter II, Paridous, Truxton, Ms Pacman (Balley 1984 version), Metal Slug, Gauntlet, Final Lap 3, NBA JAM and Xmen Arcade (6 player version).
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